Creative Design
Mr. Brian Herrig

      Students are given an overview of many of the fundamentals of graphic communication. The communication process is discussed as it relates to graphics as well as other forms of communication. The Elements and Principles of design are introduced as they relate to the projects that the students complete. Students learn about editing digital photographs using Adobe Photoshop Elements.

     Microsoft Publisher is used to complete a variety of desktop publishing projects, including flyers, greeting cards and posters. Wacom digital drawing tablets are integrated with Corel Painter Essentials to allow students to freehand draw directly into the computer to create their own custom images for use in projects. Students learn how to incorporate various graphics, student created as well as stock images into their projects.

Students are able to output their designs using a black and white laser printer, a color laser printer and a laser engraver. A laser engraver is a machine capable of transforming images and designs into real items made of a variety of materials, including wood, metal, plastic, fabric, glass, leather, stone and ceramic. Students are encouraged to help each other with design and technical issues throughout the course.